I'm Pregnant

Adoption Services

We place your baby or child with the adopted family that you chose from our waiting list immediately and forever. No foster care, no temporary placement, and no case plan. You can have peace in your heart knowing this is a PERMANENT PLACEMENT with your adopted family.

Our Services are Free to the Birthmothers

We at Bundle of Hope ministries believe that adoption is an unselfish gift of love from the birthmother. The women that place their babies up for adoption want the best possible life for them. We honor that you would put the baby’s needs before your own.

We are very proud of you and want to help you with this extremely important decision and make sure that you have the peace that you will need for the years ahead.

All of our birthmothers are covered in many prayers. The Bible tells us that this baby was conceived in your womb for just a time as this and we believe that he or she has a great destiny on earth. We are excited to be part of God’s plan to find him or her the family that the Lord has ordained for him or her. We are also excited to be part of your life and to help you through this loving choice that you have made.

To assist you through this pregnancy before, during, and after, Bundle of Hope Ministries offers you the following:


  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week support
  • Transportation to the doctors for your prenatal care
  • Medical referrals
  • Financial assistance with medical coverage and reasonable living expenses
  • Childbirth classes and coach you in the labor room if needed
  • Adoption support groups
  • Reading material for birthmothers
  • Maternity home referrals if needed
  • Licensed clinical social workers for counseling before, during and after pregnancy

Birthmothers Process with Bundle of Hope Ministries

We realize that this is an emotional time for you and your family and want to help you through this process with ease and comfort for you.

We ask that you make an appointment with us. We will schedule an appointment in our office, or we can come to you.

There will be various forms that you will need to complete:


  • General information on you
  • Medical release form
  • Medical questions regarding you and your family
  • Social history questions

The consent for adoption will be taken at the hospital when you are discharged.

BOH is here to help you with your prenatal care, refer you to a doctor if needed.


  • Let us know what you are looking for in an adoptive family. Select an adoptive couple from our waiting family profiles. Our profiles consist of Christian couples only.
  • Once you select your family you may meet with them or speak to them on the phone. We will at this time discuss the relationship that all of you are expecting.
  • One of our staff social workers will contact you at this time.
  • Bundle of Hope offers free child birth classes by a licensed labor & delivery nurse if needed.

At the Hospital Thoughts

  • Do you want the adoptive family in the labor room?
  • Who do you want in the labor room with you?
  • Do you want the adoptive family at the hospital?
  • Can the adoptive family take pictures? Videos?
  • Do you want to hold the baby? See the baby?
  • Do you want the baby in the room with you?
  • Do you want the adoptive family to feed the baby while in the nursery if not in your room?
  • When do you want to be discharged from the hospital? In 24 hours? 48 hours?
  • Do you want to hand the baby over to the adoptive family?

There is no right way or wrong way to handle your adoption plan. We just want to do what will make you the most comfortable. We will discuss this all with you before labor, but once the baby gets here it can change if needed.

All of our adoptive families send us pictures of the baby at 3 months, 6 months, and 1 yearly until age five. If you want a picture of the baby just give us a call and we will send it to you.

During these next few months of your pregnancy we will want to maintain a relationship with you and be here for you if you are in need of anything.