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Dear Prospective Adoptive Parent,

Congratulations on your adoption journey! Whether you are just starting to think about adoption, or whether you are well underway (maybe even on your second or third adoption!) I am so thrilled for you—there is nothing quite as amazing as an adoption journey.

Perhaps you are at the point in your journey where you and your spouse have decided that you definitely want to adopt and are looking for the right fit in an agency. My husband and I were fortunate enough to find Bundle of Hope while we lived in Jacksonville, and we have worked with them twice to adopt two beautiful daughters who remind us every day that we serve an awesome God who is worth trusting. Here is some “insider” information about working with Bundle of Hope that I hope helps you decide if this might be the right agency for you.

When we began our adoption journey, finding an adoption agency that treated birth mothers with love and respect was extremely important to us. We wanted to be able to tell our future child that their birth mother was loved and cared for through her delivery, and that the decision to adopt truly was what she wanted—not something she was pressured or forced into. Through the birth of our first daughter, and even more so through the birth of our second daughter, we saw first hand just how well the birth mommies (as Glenda lovingly calls them☺) are loved and cared for. We witnessed need after need be met—whether is was safe housing, their favorite meal after delivery, comfort, counseling, companionship, or all of these things (and more!) birth mothers at Bundle of Hope are known and cared for as the unique, fearfully and wonderfully made children of God that they are. I love that the birth mothers are not only exposed to Gospel through counseling but they also get to experience Christ’s love though the tireless efforts of the staff at Bundle of Hope. The staff are on call for them at all times, and work tirelessly throughout the day and even through the night to care for these women and help them through a difficult time in their lives, and help them step into a brighter future.

And so, the most important thing I can tell you is that Bundle of Hope is more than an adoption agency: it’s a Spirit-lead ministry that offers Hope to women and children in desperate circumstances. The best way to think about working with Bundle of Hope is as joining a ministry that works tirelessly to help women in need and working to help birth mothers find the best families for their children. As adoptive parents, you are life-lines that wait at-the-ready for the ministry to call upon to help women who are ready to choose adoption. And believe me, when you get that “call” there is no greater feeling of joy!

Our “birth” stories in bringing each of our daughters home could not be more different! It is important, then, to bear in mind that not only will your story be different from everyone else’s, but the staff at Bundle of Hope is constantly dealing with and managing all the details of each unique placement. No two are the same, and there is no “detailed standard procedure” for placing a baby with a family—general guidelines, yes, but each placement is as unique as the individuals involved. You can, and should, trust the women there to guide you through the process, asking questions knowing that Bundle of Hope has everyone’s best interest at heart.

If you are blessed enough to be accepted into this ministry as adoptive parents, know that Glenda, Lee and Kristin along with everyone at Bundle of Hope loves you just as much as they do their birth mothers. They are excited to have you a part of their team. They pray for you during every step of the journey. There might be times where you think maybe they’ve forgotten about you—times when maybe it might take a week or more to return a call or email. But they will connect with you as soon as they can—they love you and want to include you in their journey. Know that they really are working around the clock doing this amazing, life changing, life saving, work and that sometimes the best thing you can do to help is have patience, pray, and trust.

So, in the end, if you are looking for an adoption agency that revolves around the wants and needs of adoptive parents, an agency that cares only for getting babies to people who want them, then this probably isn’t the place for you. However, if you are looking to partner with a ministry to serve and help meet the desperate needs of women and children, a ministry that is guided by prayer and the direction of the Holy Spirit, and a ministry that rejoices in and for adoptive families built by God then this just might be the perfect fit for you! It was for us!

My best wishes and prayers for your journey ahead! No matter what else happens, remember to trust the Lord with all your heart, and don’t lean merely on your own understanding—in all you do, acknowledge Him, and know that He will never steer you wrong!


To a Birthmother:

Hi! I am a birth mother too! My name is Samantha. I am fully black, and currently 21 years old now. I got pregnant when I was 19 with no financial help, religious support, or guidance in the right direction. But let me tell you thank God for Bundle of Hope because only Lord knows where I would be if I still had my baby girl(Rose) with me. Bundle of Hope worked with me so well… I literally cry every time I talk, email, or write about it. I was in an abusive relationship, I had thought about an abortion and even went until I backed out. My family turned there back on me at the thought of adoption because I couldn’t financially or emotionally support Rose, and I had to stay in a shelter right up until my labor process. Ms. Glenda and Kristen found me a safe place to stay helped me out and comforted me in my time of need. I went to Bundle of Hope at the very last minute but they found Rose the perfect parents. Even if I had a chance nobody on God’s green Land can do anything for me to take Rose back …I say this because this is the best life for her hands down. I could never, never, do what Heather and Sam do for her at this time and the family they have love Rose just as much as they or I do. During my whole labor the only people there were Ms.Glenda, Kristen, Heather and Sam. Heather and Sam never left my side when my family and friends had nothing to do with me. These two complete strangers sent from God just for me were there more than when I ever needed anything or anybody as bad as I did in that time, in all of my life. They stayed with me and helped me make wise decisions like a c-section even though it was my first birth, I was nervous and they totally stood by me. Sam even slept on the floor to support me and wait on Rosie’s birth and Heather came with me while Rose was being pulled out! I knew then that their love for her and I was sincere to do this. It is so amazing how the adoption changed my life in a positive outcome. No regrets and everything about it was and still is and will always be positive. Well, just from somebody who has been at their lowest I would say, well I would pray you do the right thing. You can see in the pictures of my birth child and how happy she is, it’s priceless and I don’t think she would have that smile on her face anywhere else because that is where she truly belongs. Well, good luck and God bless you.

Many prayers,
Birthmother Samantha

November 11, 2013

Letter from Birthmother: Michelle’s Mother

Dear Glenda,

I wanted to say thank you for all your work with Michelle. I am so sorry, things for you and your workers were difficult at times. We keep you and your ministry in our prayers daily. Your work is to be commended and we know Jesus is the basis for your driving love to save as many babies as you can, (putting them in Christ Centered Homes). We love what you’ve done for our family and know your reward will be GREAT! Thanks and thanks again.

Love Connie and Jim