adoptive couples

Frequently Asked Questions

Bundle of Hope Ministries can provide adoption services to birthparents and adoptive families. We can help with preadoption services for the birth mother and adoptive family, home studies for the adoptive families, post-placement reports for the courts, and interstate compact services.

Our services are free for the birth parents. Before beginning the adoptive process, the adoptive parents should discuss the fees with the agency. There are agency fees, legal fees, and birth mother living expenses. All birth mother living expenses go before the courts for approval. Most all of our birth mothers have pregnancy Medicaid to pay for medical bills.

At Bundle of Hope Ministries, we deal with all races. You need to ask yourself which race the Lord is directing you to adopt. Most of our adoptions are either African American or Biracial. Is open, semi open or closed adoption best for you?

That is completely up to the birth mother. We want the birth mother to have peace with her decision, whether she chooses to meet with the adoptive family or not.

The degree of openness in the adoption is determined in advance and is part of the adoption agreement.

No. We believe that it takes a father and mother to mentor them in the ways of the Lord. These children need a father and mother role model to build godly character into them.

Yes, they will receive pre adoption counseling and post adoption counseling if needed. The majority of our birth moms received such good pre-adoption counseling that they do not want or need post counseling.

Yes. The state requires that we do a diligent search to attempt to find the birthfather and receive his consent to the adoption. If we cannot locate the birth father, we will then publish in the legal section for 4 weeks in the city where the birth father and birth mother knew one another.

The birth mother normally signs consent 24-48 hours after the baby is born. The baby is then released to the adoptive families after the 48 hour hospital stay.

A decision for adoption is made twice. Once during prenatal counseling and once after birth. The legal binding consent is signed 48 hours after birth or if the birthmother is released from the hospital before the 48 hours. The birthparents are not required to attend the termination and finalization court hearings.

The birthparents will be given information on the adoption registry in the state of Florida. This allows them to register or not to register their address with the state. Once the child turns 18 years of age, he or she has the right to search for their birth parents.